Optimizing Some Process Parameters in Aluminium Bagasse Ash Reinforced Composite

Aminu M Audu, Oyihi B Oloche, Ferguson H Tobins, Ibrahim D Muhammad


Optimization of process parameters in aluminum bagasse ash reinforced composite was studied using Taguchi L16 standard orthogonal array for the design of experiment, with the weight percentage of bagasse ash, melting temperature, stirring time and stirring speed as the control factors considered and impact and yield strengths as responses. Sixteen experiments were conducted through stir casting rout, impact and tensile tests were concluded on the samples. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) and the signal to noise ratio were analyzed using the results of the tests. The analysis of variance and main effect plot show that the weight of bagasse is the most critical and contribute over 82% to the impact strength and over 96% to the yield strength. The signal to noise ratio provided the optimal parameters as 5% weight of bagasse, 730oC melting temperature, 2.5 minutes stirring time and 450 rpm stirring speed on the impact strength. The yield strength optimality according to Table 7 for the factors are 15% weight of bagasse, 880oC melting temperature, 2 minutes stirring time, and 500 rpm stirring speed. So, the weight of bagasse improves the mechanical properties of the composite, and sample 5 is the toughest of the materials having the highest impact Energy.

Keywords- aluminium alloy, bagasse ash, impact energy, optimization, process parameters, yield strength

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.46792/fuoyejet.v5i2.554


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