Variation of Cathodic voltages and their effect on Optical Properties and Conductivity Type of Electrodeposited Aluminium Selenide Thin Films for Optoelectronic Applications

Olusayo Olubosede, Abass A Faremi, Funmilayo M Owolabi, Esther Ajiboye, Julius O Fateye, Esther O Olanibi


In this paper, Aluminum selenide (Al2Se3) thin films are synthesized electrochemically using cathodic deposition technique in which graphite was used as a cathode while carbon as an anode. Synthesis is done at 353 K temperature from an aqueous solution of analytical grade selenium dioxide (SeO2), and Aluminum chloride (AlCl2.7H2O). Aluminum selenide thin films from a controlled medium (pH =2.0) are synthesized on fluorine doped tin oxide (FTO) substrate using varied potential voltages 1000 mV, 1100 mV, 1200 mV, 1300 mV and 1400 mV. The films are characterized for their optical properties and electrical conductivity. These various characterization reveals the successful fabrication of Al2Se3 thin films. Further investigation was done to study the effect of variation in the potential voltages.

Keywords- Electrodeposition; Thin Films; Cathodic graphite; Characterization; Varied potential voltages.

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