Development of a Wheelchair Automator

Adeniran Badejoko-Okunade, Adefemi Adekunle, Oluwole Arowolo, Samuel Adejuyigbe


The first wheelchair model could be traced to the 5th, 6th and later in 18th century. However, tremendous development and great achievements in this field started mid of 20th century. Since that time, varieties of models have been designed, leading to wide range of products. This work involves the development of an automator (ergonomically attachment) to convert a manual wheelchair into an electric wheelchair for domestic use by Nigerian physically disabled people who could not pay the high cost of a ready-made motorized or an electric-powered wheelchair. A gear motor and drive system has been integrated in this automator for convenience and easy control for the user. Two units of 12v batteries and breaking system has also been integrated into this work and by this, obtained an automatic wheelchair which can be driven with the possibility of avoiding obstacles by the use of the obstacle detection components. In addition, obstacle detection component is also incorporated to the system to serve as added alert feature in case the wheelchair is been used by a blind user. The automator which is attached to the wheelchair has been developed to enhance easy and long distance movement. It helped the disabled move around without external interference. A manual wheelchair does not give sufficient mobility, it has a limited range and is very difficult to use on rough and harsh terrain. This work is designed as a solution to this problem by combining the comfort and maneuverability of a wheelchair with the capability and efficiency to move about. This work will benefit the physically challenged people.

Keywords—Automator, obstacle detection, electric-powered wheelchair, wheel chair, mobility. 

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