Geoelectric Investigation of the Groundwater Potential of the Federal Housing Estate, Eastern Part of Ado-Ekiti, Southwestern Nigeria

Olayiwola G Olaseeni, Ajibola Oyebamiji, Oluwaseun Olaoye, Bosede Ojo, Ayokunle Akinlalu


This study aimed at evaluating the potential for groundwater development in the eastern part of Ado-Ekiti, Southwestern Nigeria using Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES). Data were acquired with ABEM SAS 300 and processed through partial curve matching techniques and assisted with 1-D forward modelling. Geoelectric parameters were determined from the VES interpreted result. Seven (7) different VES type curves (H, A, HA, KH, HK, QH and HKH) indicating inhomogeneity of the subsurface layer beneath the study area were observed. Weathered layer resistivity map having values ranging from 3.2 – 272 Ωm, overburden thickness of value vary between 0 and 28m and  bedrock relief values range from 360 – 480 m were delineated. It was estimated from the result that the northwestern and southeastern part which constituted about 15%of the study area possess high groundwater potential while the remaining 85% of the study area exhibit low/moderate potentials for yielding substantial water. Hence, the groundwater potential rating of the area was considered generally low.

Keywords- Geoelectric, Groundwater potential, Overburden thickness, Vertical Electrical Sounding

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